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Since 1993, Knowledge Ability has provided training and consulting for hundreds of client companies on three continents in

  • Virtual teaming / remote working and flexible working (teleworking, telecommuting, agile working) .
  • Best practices for the electronic workplace.

Since 2017 we have decided to offer a reduced profile of services. Our founder and director, Dr John Gundry, now offers advice and mentoring on virtual teaming and flexible working for projects, groups and communities in the UK at lower-than-commercial rates.

In accordance with this reduced profile we have removed most of the pages from our previous commercial site. We have however retained a couple to provide background.

This change gives us greater flexibility to help you make working together apart as successful as working together together. To discuss how we can help you, please contact:

Dr John Gundry, Director
Knowledge Ability Ltd
93 High Street
T: +44 (0)1666 824644
E: gundry@knowab.co.uk

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November 2018

About Dr John Gundry

Knowledge Ability's services are the product of over 25 years' experience of the electronic, virtual workplace by John Gundry B.Sc. Ph.D., Knowledge Ability's founder and director. John has personally trained thousands of people from hundreds of organisations on three continents in virtual teaming, remote working and flexible working.

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John has a background in psychology, communications systems, organisational consulting and virtual work and learning. He has worked in research, government service, small businesses and international corporations.

He combines thought leadership and innovation with academic rigour and world-class professional experience of the wired world. A pioneer of virtual working in the late 1980s, John started training and consulting in distributed work and virtual teaming in 1991. At that time, he was also Research Director for the world's first virtual university. In 1993 he founded Knowledge Ability Ltd, betting (correctly) that working together apart would be the future of work. Since then he has trail-blazed successful business innovations in e-working, e-learning and agility, which are now widely imitated.

John is a graduate of the Western Behavioral Sciences (San Diego) International Executive Forum, a past Associate Editor of the journal Interacting with Computers, a past member of the Industry Advisory Board of the Journal of E-Working.

In 2004, 2005 and 2006, John co-chaired, co-organised and co-sponsored the GOING VIRTUAL - The Future of Work, Asia-Pacific conferences on virtual teaming and remote working.

John is co-author of Agile Networking: Competing Through the Internet and Intranets published by Prentice Hall.